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EXTRA virgin olive oil with black truffle

EXTRA virgin olive oil with black truffle

Mykes Gourmet

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The truffle is a mushroom whose flavor and aroma are characteristic. This makes them a gourmet cooking food that is difficult to describe in a few words. Its notes are characterized as ripe, earthy, garlicky and fruity, with its intense and complex flavor capable of improving any dish.

Cooking with our extra virgin olive oil, flavored with black truffle, is a simple way to incorporate a different flavor into your recipes. This truffle adds a unique touch to dishes, making dishes with less flavor even more intense.

Some uses can be on pastas, pizzas, creams, potatoes, vinaigrettes, meats... It is a very versatile oil!


Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, dried black truffle, aroma.

Net Weight: 100ml.

Recommendations: Store in a cool, dry place.

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