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Miller's toats with plums and dates

Miller's toats with plums and dates

Miller's Toast

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After experimenting, harvesting and then transforming nature, Miller's toast 's craft has been perfected with these plum and date toasts. Made with top quality ingredients (zero additives), and using bronze rollers and traditional baking, they are ideal to accompany all types of cheeses with character. Their thin and ultra-crispy texture makes them the perfect ally for spreading and snacking.

Ideal to take alone or with others.


Ingredients: buttermilk (milk), chopped dates, wheat flour, flax seeds (6%), red plum concentrate (3%), cane sugar, honey, extra virgin olive oil, concentrated lemon juice, yeast (Baking soda), sea salt, milk and natural flavorings.
Contains wheat, gluten and milk. May contain traces of nuts.

Net Weight: 100gr

Recommendations: store in a dry, cool place protected from sunlight

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