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Vegan Paella

Vegan Paella

El Paeller

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For this recipe Rafa Margós has selected Albufera rice from Riuet, an ideal grain for this Vegan Paella due to its great absorption capacity, which allows all the flavor of the extra water from the vegetables to be transferred to the dish. The first 100% vegan packaged paella, with a base made exclusively with 10 vegetables. No traces of meat or fish, only fresh seasonal vegetables.

A 100% natural broth to which we add mushrooms, young garlic or fried and wood-roasted red pepper, among others, which make this paella surprise with its flavor. Each pack contains vegetables, greens and the broth for a Vegan Paella for 2 people. The preparation is authentically artisanal and with natural ingredients. The wood cooking is interrupted and the broth is bottled at the ideal time, maintaining all its nutritional properties and all the flavor.

Pour the contents into a paella pan approximately 40cm in diameter and add the rice.

All ingredients are Spanish and from km 0, mainly from the Valencian Community.


Origin: Chiva, Valencia

Ingredients: 100% Natural and gluten-free: Vegetable broth (Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, carrot, red pepper, onion, leek, cabbage, turnip, parsley, infused rosemary, dried garlic, tomato and salt), carrots, mushrooms varied, peppers (grilled and fried), young garlic and flat green beans

Total weight: 1870gr - (Can 1600gr./ Rice bag 270gr.)

Recommendations: keep in a cool, dry place

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