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ECO GOLD goat cheese

ECO GOLD goat cheese


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Natural rind cured cheese. Firm texture.

The aroma and flavor of these cheeses are quite developed, of medium-high intensity and with a strong personality. Long aftertaste.

Caprilac is a small family business that develops its cheeses trying to recover the authentic flavors of traditional products, preparing them with exquisite care, with the commitment to create products of differentiated quality, unique and authentic.


Ingredients: Pasteurized goat's milk (from certified organic production), dairy ferments, calcium chloride, rennet and salt.

Net Weight: 250gr.*

Recommendations: Keep refrigerated between 4º and 8º. Once opened, wrap with food film.

*The fact that it is a manually made cheese may cause its actual weight to be slightly above or below that indicated on the label.
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