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On Murcian chato sausage with parmesan

On Murcian chato sausage with parmesan


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The Murcian chato salchichón is one of our innovative sausages that has the most followers. The combination of these two products makes it unique, without losing the identity of being an artisanal Murcian flat sausage. If you have not tried this combination, we invite you to add it to your shopping cart, it will not disappoint you.

To prepare this Murcian chato sausage, the parmesan we have used is made with buffalo milk, a milk that contains more calcium and protein than cow's milk and less cholesterol than cow's milk. Buffalo milk is a rich source of phosphorus, iron and vitamin A. The curing of this cheese is 24 months, making it a very tasty cheese and ideal for our sausage.


Ingredients: lean pork and bacon, parmesan cheese (milk, salt, rennet, preservative: lysozyme egg protein), milk powder, humectant E-420i, salt, dextrin, dextrose, spices, pH regulator E-575, aroma , flavor enhancer E-621, soy protein, milk protein, emollients, E-450i, E-452i, E-451i, preservative E-252, E-250, antioxidant E-392, color E-120 and pepper

Net Weight: 70gr.


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