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Don PX sweet wine

Don PX sweet wine

Toro Albalá

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Sweet and velvety wine, made with Pedro Ximénez grapes picked in mid-August and left in the sun for about seven days, to concentrate all their sugars. After pressing, a sweet must was obtained and it was left to rest for more than a year, in stainless steel tanks. A natural jewel full of sensations that seduces those who enjoy it.

Don PX are our specialty. We take exclusive care of each of them, from harvesting to raisining, giving them a unique personality.

Vintage: 2020

DOCa:  Montilla-Moriles

Aging: 12-18 months in stainless steel tanks

Grape type:  100% Pedro Ximénez (wine from raisined grapes)

Alcohol content: 17% vol.

Recommended consumption temperature: 8-10ºC.

Bottle capacity: 37.5 cl 

Winery: Bodegas Toro Albalá (Aguilar de la Frontera, Córdoba)

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