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Pago de Espejo Arbequina extra virgin olive oil

Pago de Espejo Arbequina extra virgin olive oil

Pago de Espejo

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Oil harvested at the beginning of November. The olives are ground a few hours after harvesting, naturally decanted and then filtered, preserving their unique properties. Quality is prioritized over quantity, especially valuing the olfactory and gustatory sensations it offers.

Tasting note: On the nose, fresh and fruity aromas, with notes of green apple, fresh almond, and a touch of freshly cut grass. Palate with a soft and sweet entry, with a slight bitterness and a balanced and progressive spiciness. Fresh and harmonious flavor, highlighting the fruity notes of apple and almond. Persistent and pleasant finish.

Ideal to consume raw, either in salads, breads or as a dressing for cold dishes.

Includes case


Origin: Andújar, Jaén

Net Weight: 500ml

Recommendations: store in a dry, cool place protected from sunlight

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