Collection: Sausages



The Chato Murciano pig is a native pig from the Region of Murcia whose breed has recovered in the last twenty years.

It is characterized by black fur and is distinguished by having a wide and short head, small ears and a flattened nose. The body is wide and long and the legs are short.

Their diet is based on natural products such as corn, barley and soybeans.

The meat of this pork is more infiltrated with fat than that of normal pork, however, it is more digestive and healthy as it contains unsaturated fat. Unsaturated fats can help reduce bad cholesterol. We can also find these fats in oily fish or nuts.

The flavor of this meat is unique, with its own personality. Those of us who have been involved in the project of recovering this breed have not wanted to copy others, simply raise a pig as in the past, with careful nutrition and a natural environment.

In recent years, the demand for Chato has increased due to the dissemination of its quality and differentiation with the rest of gourmet products among the population. Many restaurants have included a dish with Chato Murciano in their menus, thus encouraging the purchase of this product in specialized butcher shops.