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Murcian flat chorizo

Murcian flat chorizo


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Murcian chato chorizo ​​and in general cured chorizo ​​is the cured sausage known throughout the world, used in many Spanish cuisine dishes, it is the sausage that cannot be missing at home, since it is added to different foods such as lentils, cooked or macaroni, among others.

The Murcian chato chorizo ​​is made with lean Murcian chato bacon and is characterized by its reddish color, a color that comes from the paprika used in its preparation.

Like the rest of our cured Murcian chato sausage, the Murcian chato chorizo ​​is made with the original recipe but technical improvements have been incorporated into this procedure for its manufacture.


Ingredients: lean pork and bacon, salt, spices, paprika, garlic, spice mix, milk powder, dextrose, dextrin, emulsifiers: E-450I, E450III, E451I, E452I, E452II, lactose, flavor enhancer, E621, antioxidant E301, E-331III, preservative E252, colorant E120, E160C, anti-caking agent E551, smoke aroma

Net Weight: 220-250gr.


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