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Murcian chato pinch sausage

Murcian chato pinch sausage


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The Chato Murciano pinch sausage is made with the best lean of the Chato Murciano pig, a native pig from the Region of Murcia, raised in a traditional way. The infiltration of ideal fat into its meat gives the pinch sausage a unique texture and softness. It is characterized by having a unique flavor, reminiscent of the sausages that were made in homes annually. Its flavor transports the palate to traditional flavors, from when we were children and sausages were made in our homes for the whole year.

It preserves all the Murcian tradition but adding new production and conservation techniques. New techniques that pursue a more homogeneous sausage, with exact curing, good conservation and unique flavor, achieving a line of Murcian flat sausage different from the rest. Within the entire variety of cured sausages from Chato Murciano, we can say that the Chato Murciano pinch sausage is the most traditional, since we have barely added innovation to it.


Ingredients: lean pork and bacon, milk powder, humectant E-4201, salt, dextrin, dextrose, spices, PH regulator E-575, aroma, flavor enhancer E-621, soy protein, milk protein, emulsifier E -4501, E-4521, E-4511, preservative E-252, E-250, antioxidant E-392, coloring E-120, anise and pepper.

Net Weight: 125gr.


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