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Pago de Espejo Picual extra virgin olive oil

Pago de Espejo Picual extra virgin olive oil

Pago de Espejo

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Oil harvested at the beginning of November. The olives are ground a few hours after harvesting, naturally decanted and then filtered, preserving their unique properties. Quality is prioritized over quantity, especially valuing the olfactory and gustatory sensations it offers.

Tasting note: On the nose, our oil presents an intense fruitiness of green olive, with very high notes of fresh grass, olive leaf, green almond and hints of tomato plant. In the mouth, the freshness of grass and green fruits has a great appearance with a sweet entry and a slight final sting.

Ideal to consume raw, either in salads, breads or as a dressing for cold dishes.

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Origin: Andújar, Jaén

Net Weight: 500ml

Recommendations: store in a dry, cool place protected from sunlight

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