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DAY Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

DAY Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nobleza del Sur

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Picual olive variety from Jaén

The bee is the key diurnal pollinator for global agriculture and food. Biological health indicator of our olive fields. Climate change and the use of pesticides and insecticides make them in danger of extinction.

It comes in a boxed format.

“ECO-DAY” olive juice has a wide connection with:

  • Meats, in the preparation of all types of dishes and preparations.
  • In fish and shellfish, both raw and for the preparation of different sauces.
  • Pastas and pizzas, in the preparation and dressing of different dishes.
  • Cheeses, semi-hard (fouda, port salut...) and hard (parmesan, pecorino...).
  • Desserts, with semi-melted chocolate ice cream with flake salt.


Net Weight: 500ml

Recommendations: store in a dry, cool place protected from sunlight

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