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Albariño chouriciños in olive oil

Albariño chouriciños in olive oil

Casa da Avoa

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Delicious Albariño chouriciños to enjoy alone, as a sandwich, accompanied by a vermouth or let your imagination fly.

The Albariño wine that accompanies them is a special wine that was formerly used as a preservative: 'O do Avó Marcelo'.

Get ready for a culinary journey full of flavor and satisfaction.


Origin: Outes, A Coruña

Ingredients: lean pork and bacon, paprika, salt, garlic, dextrose, vegetable fiber, olive oil (35%), sulfites and Albariño wine.

Net Weight: 240gr

Drained Weight: 156gr

Recommendations: Store at room temperature. Once opened, keep cold and consume within two days.

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