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Homemade fabada

Homemade fabada

La Catedral de Navarra

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Iconic dish of Asturian cuisine, a true tribute to culinary tradition.

It is characterized by its mix of intense flavors, thanks to its variety of Asturian sausages. 

Discover the unmatched flavor of the authentic Asturian fabada.


Ingredients: beans, chicken broth (water, chicken, pancetta (pork belly and salt), white wine, parsley), lacón (pork shoulder and salt), smoked Asturian chorizo ​​(pork, bacon, paprika, salt and garlic Wrapping natural pork tripe), smoked Asturian blood sausage (onion, natural beef bacon), olive oil, sunflower oil, butter, onion, paprika, saffron and salt.

Net Weight: 340gr

Recommendations: Once opened, keep refrigerated, covered and consume within three days.

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