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Tomato snack cookies

Tomato snack cookies


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The tomato is more sensitive than it seems and that is why it has joined together with healthy friends. He has matured and now values ​​well-being much more and superfluities less. Of course, when it comes across cured cheese, the palate has a party and the taste buds dance, and when it is bathed in red wine it even sings. But he knows how to be alone, without false appearances and a lot of personality. 

He knows how to enjoy the moment because above all, he knows very well, which in the end is what is important.


Ingredients: wheat flour (gluten), olive oil (16%), dehydrated tomato (10%), vegetable fiber, sugar, salt, dextrose and oregano (1%).

Weight: 130g

Recommendations: store in a cool, dry place away from direct light.

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