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Queso Galmesán

Queso Galmesán


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Cooked pasta cheese made following the technique of traditional Italian cheeses.​

It is made with fresh milk from Galician cows that graze freely in the Galician meadows.

It is an ideal cheese to have as an aperitif, on cheese boards or in gastronomy. It matures for a minimum of 12 months.


Ingredients: Pasteurized semi-skimmed cow's milk, lactic ferments, acidity regulator: calcium chloride, rennet, preservative: lysozome (derived from eggs) and salt

Net Weight: 200-300gr.*

Recommendations: Keep refrigerated between 4º and 8º. Once opened, wrap with food film.

*The fact that it is a manually made cheese may cause its actual weight to be slightly above or below that indicated on the label.


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