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MATALOBOS cheese with IPA beer

MATALOBOS cheese with IPA beer


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Matalobos is an artisanal pressed paste cheese made with raw sheep's milk and IPA-type craft beer in the paste itself (10%) and subsequently washed with said beer in the rind. Cheese with a firm consistency, velvety flavor with light touches of acidity, very pleasant in the mouth.

The cheeses from 7 Lobas are refined in a cave with great passion. In the heart of the Esla riverbank and under the direction of Javier Barrera, we find a very unusual cheese factory, signature cheeses made with raw milk from small farms in the León region. However, the greatest “madness” of this extraordinary cheese factory is its refining points, carried out underground in the unique cellars so representative of this Leonese region.

Without a doubt, his alma mater has been able to find a unique and singular starting point in the terroir.

It is ideal to combine with our craft beers.


Ingredients: Raw and whole sheep's milk, IPA beer (gluten), lamb rennet, lactic ferments and salt.

Net Weight: 200gr.*

Recommendations: Keep refrigerated between 4º and 8º. Once opened, wrap with food film.

*The fact that it is a manually made cheese may cause its actual weight to be slightly above or below that indicated on the label.

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