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San Simón da Costa Bufón DOP Smoked Cheese

San Simón da Costa Bufón DOP Smoked Cheese

Don Crisanto

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Don Crisanto's San Simón da Costa Bufón cheese is made from pressed pasta from pasteurized whole cow's milk.

It is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese, cured and smoked with birch wood. The family cheese factory Don Crisanto has been making this cheese since 1990 and in 2017 it won the award for the best cheese in Spain in a competition organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, beating 300 other candidates.

Pairs very well with a white wine (godello) or beer. Ideal accompaniment to meats, fish, hamburgers or salads. Combine with dried fruits (hazelnuts and walnuts) and apples.


Origin: Vilalba, Lugo

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, rennet, lactic ferments (milk), salt, stabilizer (classical chloride), lysozyme (from eggs), preservatives in the rind coating (E-235).

Net Weight: 500gr.*

Recommendations: Keep refrigerated between 4º and 8º. Once opened, wrap with food film.

*The fact that it is a manually made cheese may cause its actual weight to be slightly above or below that indicated on the label.

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