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Valverán ice cider 20 apples

Valverán ice cider 20 apples


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Ice cider is unique and stands out for its sweetness and balance between acidity and freshness. Its aromatic fragrances can be reminiscent of caramelized apples, plum compote and even ripe quinces. Its flavor is intense, pure velvet; It is silky and balanced with notes of concentrated apple, caramel and honey.

Ice cider does not have bubbles, it is recommended to drink it in a sauternes-style glass to appreciate all its nuances.

It can be considered almost a liqueur, it is sweet in style and it is recommended to drink it with low-fat cheeses, foie gras or low-sweet desserts.

It takes two years from when the apples are picked to when the bottle is sold.

Vintage: 2020

Alcohol content: 11% vol.

Recommended consumption temperature: 7ºC.

Bottle capacity: 37.5 cl 

Winery: Valeverán (Sariego, Asturias)

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