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On Murcian chato sausage with walnuts

On Murcian chato sausage with walnuts


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Walnuts are a nut with a high omega 3 content. Their consumption helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and improves the development of motor activities.

In addition, daily consumption of walnuts is recommended to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and, as we have previously mentioned, it also reduces cardiovascular problems.

When mixing two products to create any new product, we must take into account the ability of the product that we add to the original product to overcome all the production processes, from kneading to curing.

In the case of walnuts, their texture allows them not to be shelled and remains whole inside the chorizo, ensuring that when cutting the sausage into slices the shape of the nut is perfectly noticeable.

On the other hand, it is important that it is resistant to the curing time, in this case, the walnuts maintain their typical characteristics intact for a long time.


Ingredients: lean pork and bacon, nuts, salt, spices, paprika, garlic, spice mix, milk powder, dextrose, dextrin, emulsifiers: E-450I, E450III, E451I, E452I, E452II, lactose, flavor enhancer, E621, antioxidant E301, E-331III, preservative E252, colorant E120, E160C, anti-caking agent E551, smoke flavor

Net Weight: 220-250gr.


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