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Wild bluefin tuna tarantello

Wild bluefin tuna tarantello

D'12 Gourmet

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Canned wild bluefin tuna tarantelo is a delight. We finish by bathing it in olive oil to make it even more special.

Tuna tarantello is one of the most valuable and representative preparations of tuna . Not only for its flavor and texture but also for its versatility.

It is extracted from the bottom of the tuna, between the belly and the white tail. So, we can say that it is part of the white tuna loin .


Origin: Barbate, Cádiz

Ingredients: bluefin tuna tarantello (thunnus thynnus ), oil and salt

Net Weight: 120gr

Drained Weight: 85gr

Recommendations: Keep in a cool, dry place. Once opened, consume within two days

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