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Vermouth Padro&Co. Soft bitter gold

Vermouth Padro&Co. Soft bitter gold


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Tradition in color, innovation in flavor. One of the main characteristics of this vermouth is the absence of caramel, which gives it its particular golden color, recovering the essence of old homemade vermouths.

Artemisia is the main herb and with which vermouth historically originates. But there is another plant, also very common in vermouths, gentian, which contains what is probably the most bitter substance in the world, amarogentin, which is used in the production of this vermouth.

The base wine made is a Macabeo with good structure, which allows it to age and is also characterized by being organoleptically very neutral, so that it does not interfere with the action of the exceptionally bitter botanicals that we have chosen.

The vermouth ages for nine months in semi-new chestnut wood barrels.

Size: 75cl.

VOL: 18%

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