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Vermouth Padró&Co. Special reserve

Vermouth Padró&Co. Special reserve


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The pleasure of the complex. At the end of the 19th century, Tarragona wines enjoyed recognized prestige within international trade. In this winery, liqueur wines were made in the style of the “greats” of the time: Port, Sherry or Sauternes, among others. In 1947, all of these high-alcohol wines were the first with regulations within the DO Tarragona and are known under the name “Tarragona Clásico”.

This vermouth is made using a solera wine, with a long tradition in the winery. In the final blend, a sweet liqueur wine, of the Classic Tarragona style, is added, which ages in 7,000 liter oak vats for 5 years. Subsequently, the touch of vermouth herbs is added and it is left to age for 18 months in Sherry barrels.

Size: 75cl.

VOL: 18%

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