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Luar Do Sil white wine

Luar Do Sil white wine

Pago de los Capellanes

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On the granite hills, small Godello vines, the queen of the valley. We are attracted by its definition, its mineral intensity, its purity.

In its most direct elaboration, it offers this young wine that defines three virtues.

On the one hand, the most expansive and jovial entry of the variety. On the other hand, the landscape of traditional, deep and sincere viticulture. And at the end, the poetics that its own name preserves: O Luar do Sil, moon that shines over the waters of the great river of Valdeorras.

Vintage: 2022

DOCa: Valdeorras

Grape type: Godello 100%

Alcohol content: 13.00% vol.

Recommended consumption temperature: 08 ºC.

Bottle capacity: 75 cl 

Winery: Pago de los Capellanes (Seadour, Ourense)

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