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Scallops in scallop sauce

Scallops in scallop sauce

La Curiosa

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Scallops in scallop sauce, fresh and extraordinarily tender, from the Galician estuaries.

The selection and cleaning processes are manual to choose the best specimens and achieve greater cleanliness of all traces of impurities and sand.

Scallop sauce is a tasty sauce inspired by the traditional Galician recipe made from tomato, onion, olive oil, wine, paprika and a lot of care.


Ingredients: scallops Aequipecten opercularis , onion, olive oil (13.7%), tomato, wine, salt, paprika and spices. May contain traces of fish and crustaceans.

Net Weight: 111gr

Drained Weight: 68gr

Recommendations: Keep in a cool, dry place. Once opened, consume immediately.

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